Used Cubicles

Shop our extensive selection of cubiclesWe try to keep a variety of used or as-is cubicles in stock at all time.  Various heights, sizes and color schemes.  But when we need to match something specifically or establish an ongoing like new standard we can remanufacture work stations to specific criteria.
When we pull together used cubicle order it follows a quality process that ensures you receive:

  • All the product needed to build the agreed upon lay out
  • No major damage that affects the function or overall aesthetic
  • Fabrics are cleaned, metal and laminate surfaces are wiped down
  • Hardware is organized and sent in clearly marked boxes
  • Locks have keys with them
  • Everything is packaged for damage free shipment

Narrow Your Selections With The DropDowns

Herman Miller AO2 Station with box box file
Station Size: 5'x4'
SKU: st0007
Quantity: 100
Price: Call for pricing
Used Knoll Morrison 6x6 Cubicle
Station Size: Large
SKU: st004
Quantity: 100
Price: Call for pricing
Used Steelcase Answers Cubicle
Station Size: 8'x8'
SKU: st002
Quantity: 28
Price: 500.00
Used Haworth Premise
Station Size:
SKU: st001
Quantity: 65
Price: 650.00
Used Steelcase Kick
Station Size: 6'x6'
SKU: st003
Quantity: 120
Price: 350.00
Used KNOLL MORRISON call stations
Station Size: 5'x2.5'
SKU: st005
Quantity: 300
Price: Call for pricing
Used Steelcase Panels
Station Size: na
SKU: st006
Quantity: 500
Price: 70.00